Nokia N900 specs, apps, tips, flashing, NitDroid and other useful resources

Nokia N900 is a powerful mobile device based on the Maemo platform. It is not only a cell phone, but a mini computer. I share what I learn about this N900 here.

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nokia n900 with qemacs
Learn more about Nokia N900 on Wikipedia:

Hardware of Nokia N900

N900 Hardware specs with comments:
N900 Hardware info on Maemo Wiki:

Interesting facts about hardware of Nokia N900

3-axis accelerometer
Dual LED
Carl Zeiss 1/2.5'' 31.2mm 5 MP, 480p mpeg4 video, 0.3MP front camera
TV out (CA-75U)
FM receiver
USB-host (hack)
GPU is a SGX530
TI omap3430 600 MHz
256 MB NAND flash
32 GB eMMC flash
256 MB Mobile DDR, 768 MB swap
Resistive touchscreen
micro-b connector
32G tf card works

Weights: 181 g

N900 comes with a IVA 2+ accelerator for encode and decode MPEG-4, H.264, WMV video. So videos in these encode are first choice for N900.
Beside, its CPU also features NEON instruction set, vfp, and vfpv3

The 256 MB NAND of N900 is formatted using UBIFS. It contains the bootloader, the kernel and root filesystem.
The 32GB eMMC is split into 3 partitions:
768 MB of swap
2 GB mounted as /home (ext3) /dev/mmcblk0p2
25 GB of free space mounted as /home/user/MyDocs (VFAT) /dev/mmcblk0p1

Charger comes with N900:
Nokia AC-10 charger
Input: AC 100/240V / 50-60Hz
Output: DC 5.0V / 1200 mA

Battery: BL-5J 3.7V 1320mAh
Nokia Stereo Headset (WH-205)
Video out cable (CA-75U)

Setting up Nokia N900

How to Synchronize Gmail, Calendar and Contacts with Gmail
Note: remove the default voicemail item from the contact book before sync the contacts, or it wouldn't work.

Nokia N900 tips

Take snap

Hold ctrl and shift, then press "p"
check pictures with "Photo" application. Pictures are stored at /home/user/MyDocs/.images/Screenshots .

Disable auto update, save traffic and battery power

default LOCK CODE


N900 shortcuts and gestures

n900 usb cable for charging

Nokia N900 can be charged with the original AC10 charger or a computer, but not with a normal USB power adapter. The solution is connecting D- and D+ pins (or white and green wires) of the usb cable.
See for more details.

Backup and restore your N900 system


Adding pipe character to terminal toolbar

gconftool-2 -s /apps/osso/xterm/key_labels -t list --list-type=string "[Tab,Esc,Up,Dn,~,|,\`,>]"
gconftool-2 -s /apps/osso/xterm/keys -t list --list-type=string "[Tab,Escape,Page_Up,Page_Down,asciitilde,bar,grave,greater]"

socks proxy with FireFox Mobile

Install ssh client and ssh server on Nokia N900
Run under terminal:

ssh -D 9050 user-name@host-address

Install FireFox (for now, the latest version is FireFox 5), and install proxy mobile add-on.
Config proxy mobile
use proxy: yes
SOCKS proxy host:
SOCKS proxy port: 9050
leave other options to default.
You visit websites through sock proxy now.

Addition Repositories for Nokia N900

Application manager --> Application catalogs --> New
Catalog name: extras-testing
Web address:
Distribution: fremantle
Components: free non-free

Catalog name: Maemo extras-devel
Web address:
Distribution: fremantle
Components: free non-free

Catalog name:
Web address:
Distribution: fremantle-1.3
Components: free non-free

apt-get cheat sheet

$root root account
#apt-get install package-name
#apt-get install pkg1,pkg2
#apt-get remove pkg
#apt-get remove –purge pkg
#apt-get update (update sources)
#apt-get upgrade (upgrade software)
#apt-get dist-upgrade (upgrade all)
#apt-get clean

short-cut for SiB, the media player for N900

q quit
p pause
left, right backward/ fast forward (10s)
up, down backward / forward (1min)
+, - sound sync adjust
f fullscreen
x z subtitle sync adjust
r t subtitle position
o play time
d frame dropping enable,frame dropping hard, frame dropping disable

USB-host for N900

Check this post to read more about USB-host (USB OTG) model of smartphones:
USB-host: connecting smartphones to flash drive, keyboard, mouse and everything

nokia n900 connect to a usb driver
N900 connect to a usb driver (picture from

To enable usb-host model for Nokia N900, you can install Kernel Power, and a gui tool called h-e-n.

1.If you find usb driver not mount, click "mount" again while the driver led on.
2.You need to install extmouse driver for usb mouse to work. Mouse buttons work, not scroll wheel not working for now.
3.Nokia USB OTG cable for Nokia N8 and C7 (CA-157) can not be used with Nokia N900 as the cable can not be insert into the micro-USB port on N900.

Nitdroid -- Android for Nokia N900

Sound, Wifi, 3G net, SMS works, and media player under android (e.g. Moboplayer works better than maemo's. They play more smoothly for many HD files.)
phone call, camera not working

Here is the step to install android 2.3.4 on eMMC of N900 (the original maemo system will be kept, but backup important data first anyway):
Update maemo to 20.2010.36-2 version.
insert a micro-SD into your N900 (the size of the card is not important, and the content will be untouched)
gain root access
add Addition Repositories to application sources
transfer files to your N900.
open x-terminal, run

apt-get install nitdroid-installer
mkdir /and
mount /home /and
cd /and
cd /home/user/MyDocs
bzip2 -d N12_UMay.tar.bz2
cd /
tar xvf /home/user/MyDocs/N12_UMay.tar
cd /home/user/MyDocs/
dpkg -i nitdroid-kernel-2.6.28-07_rc4_armel.deb

unplug any cable from N900 and reboot. When the screen on, pull out the keyboard of your N900, after a second you should see multiboot menu.

How to install Android for Nokia N900 in details:

enhanced linux kernel for power users After NitDroid installed

multiboot kernel power

flash firmware of N900

rootfs stands for root filesystem
Nokia N900 official firmware download page:

Modded eMMC/VANILLA image (make a big room for your NitDroid):
5GB app memory 24GB /MyDocs:
8GB app memory 21GB /MyDocs:

How to update N900's firmware:
Note: When flashing the eMMC content, the safe way is flash the eMMC/VANILLA image first, then remove battery for a moment, and then flash the FIASCO/Rootfs image.

MeeGo for Nokia N900

Application recommendation for Nokia N900

Install software with application manager:

opera mobile:
opera web browser

file manager

Wifi Switcher:
wifi on/off switcher status bar plugin

rdesktop :
remote desktop

use camera flashlight as a flash torch.

a navigation map tools can use google maps, openstreet, google satellite.
File import/export of GPX tracks and routes!
POI handling!

record phone call on the background.

add APN for internet connection.

extra decoders support:
for video player

command-line media player

media player

media player ( front-end for mplayer... )

python base DropBox client for the Nokia N900 mobile device.

Simple Brightness Applet:
simple brightness status bar applet

a simple text editor

e-book reader

pdf, djvu reader

system info (cpu, memory, disk space ...) monitor

simple stopwatch

HiveMind :
collaborative mind map editor, freemind file format support

maemo-geolocation :
MicroB (the browser) Geolocation provider extension.

displays a real-time mirror image from the front camera of N900.

3G/2G Mode Selection Applet

Bellow apps require Enhanced linux kernel for power users:
USB-host mode -- N900 connect to USB drivers, usb mouse, usb keyboard

mobile hotspot:
share your mobile internet connection via WiFi.

enhanced linux kernel for power users

GUI for the kernel's cpu frequency interface (works with offical and patched kernels)

faster application manager

openssh client & openssh client server:
ssh client and server for Nokia N900

DateToday Home Desktop Widget:
shows the current day of month on desktop

Rockbox audio player:
lossless music file supported player
If you can not load music file from /home/user/MyDoc subdirectory, make a soft link to root dir, eg:

ln -s /home/user/MyDoc/mp3s /mp3s


Full featured client for Evernote.

International dictionary for maemo. (support xdfx and stardict dictionary files)

A stopwatch and countdown application

Dispay GPS raw data, position, speed, compass, tracking and more.

Synchronize date and time with online servers. If your n900 lose date and time when you replacing the battery, you should try it.

16 Mar14:48
By Saron (not verified)

hey there, First of all thanks for the post cause it has detail info on Nokia N900 which other post lacks. keep it up bro

Now i have a question regarding nitdroid on n900, somewhere i read that installing nitdroid on n900 automatically uses the freq 150-1120 avg .. so is it true?
Also i can not connect my nitdroid with data cable to my pc.. how do i do it?
how do i make my nitdroid save all data on sd card insted of internal storage?

and last but not least, when i reboot and load maemo 5 and try to charge(tried with both wall charger and data cable to pc), it shows as charging but does not actually charge, i happen to find it out when i come back and unplug the charger then the battery level is as same as before charging. when this happen i have to reboot and try again untill it charges successfully ..

Plz guide me to above question and thanks in advance for the ans, I tried to google a lot for the problems but could not find the ans :'(

also suggest ways to overclock with battery saving mode for both maemo and android stable and secure ways.. .. will really appreciated it

10 Feb13:19
By Anonymous (not verified)

hey your post is like a year and a half period old..!! problem of making phone calls, working of camera do they exist even today...?? i was thinking of booting my phone nd putting up android but i cant find a version whch completely supports it. atlst 90% of it..!! :P
and my second question for u is i got this file ''NITDroid-0.0.9.tar'' file which is of 119.2 mB and i cant find its kernel some mido fayad.. everywhere the file has been deleted.. can u help me out in any case..?? and i have overclocked my phone to 900MHz

16 Feb01:21
By Anonymous (not verified)

I have done all wht u said,downloaded d files,wrote all d commands still no avail,is it necessary to be connected to the internet and my memory card slot is spoilt,plss I really need an answer fast,maybe I could get a video tutorial plss

16 Jun18:45
By Anonymous (not verified)

I found the fix for the camera and calls, its working fine.

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